Enzyme Project

Enzyme is a project-independent tool for creating regular project reports and assisting interesting statistical analysis, which is especially useful for large software projects with a big developer base (eg. open source projects).

This project comprises two parts:


  • Not tied to any source code revision control system - Enzyme has been used with both Subversion and Git (via IMAP email connector) through the use of the bundled connectors, and connectors for other systems can easily be written.
  • Few dependencies - Enzyme only requires a web server with PHP (with APC module) and a MySQL database.
  • Initial database creation and configuration wizard.
  • Easy-to-use and efficient AJAX interface with keyboard shortcuts for reviewing and classifying commits.
  • Volunteer job application system.
  • Fully translatable interface, with many commonly-used world languages already available.
  • Administration dashboard with useful information panels, such as currently logged in users.
  • Automatically checks for updates to the Enzyme software.
  • User management interface, with integrated job application display.
  • Automated and secure password reset system.
  • and more...

Download + Contribute

The most recent Enzyme release is v1.3.0 from 5 years ago and is available on GitHub or directly downloadable as a ZIP package.

Contributions are most welcome via the public Enzyme GitHub account.

Any questions regarding Enzyme development / installation / usage can be directed to danny@enzyme-project.org.

Screenshots of Enzyme v1.30

  • Login

    A secure login page with password reset and role advertising.

  • Home

    Different panels based on user role, including personal stats, review leaderboard and active users.

  • Settings

    Users can view and change their own settings and password.

  • Setup

    Administrators can setup Enzyme with their project-specific settings on initial installation and at any time afterwards.

  • Users

    A full-featured user administration interface including user information, roles, and account suspension.

  • Developers

    A system for annotating project developer accounts with data for demographic statistics.

  • Review

    Commits are picked out of the full project feed for inclusion in a digest.

  • Classify

    Chosen commits that are not automatically assigned type and area information can have this added manually.

  • Digests

    New draft digests can easily be created, and managed from internally-visible to public.

  • Features

    Manage the workflow of articles (from idea to inclusion) that appear in the introduction section of digests.

  • Media

    Images and videos can be added to digest introduction features with metadata.